Up North – Ride #1

We arrived in Duluth, MN around noon at the meeting place, the Tot Lot on Canal Park road. Eki was there already as was Ben. After some brief intros Farrow showed as well. I was excited to ride the beach but given the 12+ inches of fresh snow on the ground, we didn’t really know what we were in for. We decided we’d give it a try and if it didn’t work we’d just go ride somewhere else. After some messing around on the sandy part of the beach, we pressed on and hit the deep, deep snow. We found that it took some effort, but the snow conditions allowed us to pedal. Our approach was slow and steady and our big fat tires would pack the snow down. At times we pushed. At times we stopped to rest as it was quite tough. In the end though, we ended up having a good ride. It was also Errin’s first ride on snow as he and his Mukluk flew in from California. Errin was on a mission to give his fatbike real snow cred on the streets of LA. Errin, I think you got that as I’m fairly certain none of the beaches around you have snow and ice.

I did nothing to the images today other than sharpen them for web. Again, I think they give a good feel for the day. Hope you enjoy them.

Errin giving his Mukluk the snow cred he needs in LA

Ben and Matt on on the snowy shoreline

Pushing on. Charlie brought his golf visor in case we didn't ride bikes.

Ben playing on the ice chunks

Making tracks

Heading back to Duluth for.....

A beer or two at Fitgers. Ahhh.....

Yep, it was a good day. Crazy though how much different Canal Park and the beach was compared to 2 weeks ago when I rode this same area with my friends from Japan. That’s the beauty of winter though, you never know what you might get.

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  1. Nice shots, and looks like it was a great time!


    1. Thanks Fonk. Yes it was a great time. More to come tomorrow so make sure you check back.


  2. Great pics Gnat! You’re being too hard on yourself.


    1. Thanks Errin.


  3. Love this! I grew up in Duluth and lived on Park Point with my mom and sisters. Moved away before the outdoorsy-bikey-athletic part of me surfaced. I miss Minnesota and the North Shore dearly every time you post a photo. Keep it real and keep em coming!


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