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Fatbike Heaven


One more Mukluk ride before heading home. We could not have asked for better weather and conditions. I am pretty sure I got a few good images to share. Stay tuned.

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5 comments on “Fatbike Heaven

  1. Vito says:

    I’m heading up to Tofte on Sunday and staying for the week…any ride recommendations???

    1. Gnat says:

      Vito, one of our favorite days was riding from down town Grand Marias up the State Snowmobile trail and then turning out to go to Devil Track Lake. You can cross the lake and loop back to the state snowmobile trail and then back to Grand Marias. Awesome day.

  2. Death Rider says:

    It looks like we just missed each other on the North Shore by a day or so. I’m looking forward to seeing what images you got and hopefully a trip report. Maybe next year we can do some riding together up there. Later, Death Rider

    1. Gnat says:

      Yep, you were driving home when we were driving up. Thanks for the invite to Man Camp. Maybe next year. I sure hope you guys had as much fun as we did. Could not have been better conditions for us.

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