My go fast Fargo V1 adventure touring bike

This is a very, very old post that still remains one of the most popular posts I’ve written. I still get folks contacting me asking me questions about this bike. It is one of my all time favorite bike set ups. I’ve thought about rebuilding it, but I never get around to it. Hope you enjoy this old post.


This is Fargo #2.  Number one is set up for off road snow riding right now and it’s got about 2000 miles on it.  The combo of Gordo rims and WTB Weirwolf 2.55’s make that bike feel really slow compared to this one.    This is my go fast Fargo and I’ve got almost 15oo miles on this one.  It feels like a good cyclocross bike but can handle A LOT more dirt.   I’ve got it set up as follows.

Frame:  Fargo – size large

Fork:  Fargo

Headset:  Cane Creek S3 (soon to be replaced with King)

Rear Derailleur:   SRAM Rival

Frt Derailler:  SRAM X.9

Crank:  Surly Mr. Whirly with XTR 36-48

BB:  Shimano (Soon to be replaced with a King)

CS:  SRAM Rival 11-28 10 spd

Chain:  SRAM 10 spd

Brakes:  Avid Road BB7’s w/ 160mm rotors

Shifters/Levers:  SRAM Rival 10 spd

Seat Post:  Eriksen Ti

Saddle:  WTB Silverado (Soon to be SST)

Stem:  Salsa CroMoto (90mm)

Bars:  Salsa Bell Lap 46

Tape:  Salsa Leather, black

Tires:  Schwalbe prototype Furious Freds

Tubes:  700×48 w/long valve stems

Rimtape:  Rox Ultralite – 2 wraps.

Rims:  Edge Composites, 32 hole

Hubs:  DT Swiss 240s, 32 hole

Spokes:  DT Competition Black

Nipples: DT

Cables:  Jagwire compressionless housing – Critical to making road brakes work well

H2o Cages:  Salsa Nickless x 3

Frame Bag:  Custom Epic Design.  Also have an Epic Design Gas Tank for food.

Coming Soon:  Epic Design seat bag.   I’m also tinkering with a bar bag, but I may end up with a small Nitto front rack to hold a small stuff sack.

A closer look
A closer look

This bike feels so good.   This is the bike that I plan to do some epic gravel adventures.   It eats up the miles.  I wish I would have had this set up last year on the Guitar Ted Deathride Invitational.   I think that 100+ miles last July on this bike would have felt like about 75 compared to the heavier touring mode set up I was on last year.   The cool thing is that this “Go Fast” bike is still so capable.   If I want to do something a little more off road, all I need to do is throw on some meaty tires and my Thud Buster seat post.  For the full on off road adventure, I’ve even set this bike up with a 22-36 tooth chainring combo so that I can climb most things.

I can’t wait to show you the full get up with gear.   That will be another day as it is still a work in progress.   Look for a full set up later in March or April.

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