Welcome to ImagineGnat

Greetings folks. After several years in a shack down by the river at gnatlikes.com, I decided to move to a new site powered by WordPress. Why am I moving? Well, my hope is that I can bring you a more focused site dedicated to bicycles, photography, people and exploration. The old site was cluttered with way too much random content and it had become unwieldy and difficult to navigate. I am simplifying my offerings and content here.

To get things started, I pulled a dozen or so of my more popular posts from the past 3-4 years over to this new site. They are featured above in the header and you can scroll through them with the navigation arrows.  To read the post, click on the image. If you are a new reader of my blog, you should check some of these old stories out. I will be pulling over an older story or two per week to populate this new site with the best content from my old website(s). Don’t fret, it won’t all be old stuff here. I’ll also be writing new content as well.

Thanks for stopping and reading. I hope you enjoy.

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