2011 Minnesota State Cross Championships

Here is one of my favorite posts from 2011. I loved shooting cross in the crazy weather. I could not have asked for better weather. I went down to the race with two cameras, a Nikon D7000 with a 50mm 1.8 and a Sony NEX-5N with a 55-210mm. Both worked great. Hope you enjoy the images.


This past weekend brought two things that go hand in hand together, snow & cross racing. Saturday was the Minnesota State Cyclocross Championships. I am no racer, but when I saw the forecast for the weekend, I knew I had to go and shoot it. Why?

Snow! That’s right, snow and cross. Last year brought a snowfall of epic proportions and I could not get down there due to complete inability to get out of my driveway. This year I was going to make it somehow.

When I set out to photograph the weekend, I set out with one mission in mind, gritty black & white and photographs pointing the the essence of cross. I also wanted to take a broader look at cross events and spend some time shooting the fans and people of cross. It turned out to be quite a day and the end results of the day turned out to be something different than I had intended. I shot a lot of color images too. Typically, I do not mix color and black & white images in my posts. I think they are different mediums and I like to keep them consistent. However, today I will share both as I think both are needed to show the true nature of the day.

Sit back folks, because this one is photo intensive. If you are reading this in the morning, now is the time to get a coffee refill or a fresh cup of tea. If it’s evening, grab a glass of Belgium beer and enjoy.

As you can see, the spectacle gave me pretty much what I wanted and for the most part, I shot and got what I wanted. I gotta say though, shooting live sporting events is tough, there are no retakes. I have whole series of shots that I just blew completely.

As the 60 minute race went on, I found myself getting more caught up in the race. It was a great race and these folks were absolutely flying considering the conditions. For some odd reason, for me, race photos are better in color. There are also a few images that pretty much only make sense in color so here are few color shots that I think add to telling the story of the race.

I only shot a single frame before that 2 dollars was gone! Can you see the blurred 2 dollar bill?

And one final image to sum up the day. I know it is slightly out of focus, but I had prefocused on something else but when I saw the front wheel pop up in the air I just started shooting.

Ah…What a spectacular day. To top it off, I got to see some friends. I also made some new friends, especially the guys who found my near empty camera bag in the woods!

For those photo geeks out there, I shot every image here with 2 cameras. Due to weather I did not want to be changing lenses and what not. I ended up carrying two pretty light weight cameras. Camera #1 was my Nikon D7000 with a 50mm 1.8 lens. Camera #2 was a Sony NEX-5N with a 55-210mm zoom. This combo wa great. I had the Nikon strapped to my neck and tucked into my jacket pocket and I had the small Sony combo in a big jacket pocket.

So…That’s it. The 2011 Minnesota State Cyclocross Championships. Hope you like the recap and the pictures. It sure was a fun day.

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