Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

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  • 2023 Framework – Photography

    2023 Framework – Photography

    Photography is my passion. My aim in 2023 is to continue to keep it fun and focus on my storytelling. Here are 50 images shared on Imaginegnat from the past 10 years that make me smile and point to the feeling I intend to focus on in 2023.

  • Hard Reset. New Goals.

    Hard Reset. New Goals.

    As the days get shorter and darkness comes earlier, it’s time to review progress, reset and re-imagine my goals and plans. Focus and big dreams lie ahead.

  • Stay the course

    Stay the course

    In late January 2021 I took a similar picture as my opening main image. I was driving south. I was by myself. In those hours, minutes and seconds between Minneapolis and Kansas City I vowed to myself to prioritize my health and my well being, both physical and mental. It was the spark I needed…

  • Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes

    Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes

    Finding myself and rekindling my love of bikes. Bikes, bikes and more bikes. Never enough bikes.

  • Gnat Image Dump

    Gnat Image Dump

    It’s been a bit. A long bit. I am ok though. Just busy. And I mean really busy. Life is good but at times a bit chaotic. But I am living life and living out my work hard play hard motto. I don’t have too many words right now. Trying to be a good father,…

  • Ben’s Custom Pofahl

    Ben’s Custom Pofahl

    I haven’t shared much here on the blog about my current bike set up lately. Partly because I am in transition and have several new bikes in process. But partly it is because I have been stable for the past year with the following rig. But…I did find some time to ride with a good…

  • Cross Vegas 2015 – A few pics

    Cross Vegas 2015 – A few pics

    Good day folks. It’s been a while. Since I last wrote I’ve traveled to Las Vegas for Interbike 2015. For those new here I HATE Las Vegas. It must be something like 15 trade shows in this dump and it represents most things I hate. Honestly, I think the industry I work in deserves better…

  • My new All-City – First Ride

    My new All-City – First Ride

    The planets finally aligned and the weather cooperated, giving me the opportunity to do the Friday AM ride before work. Aside from the greatness that is being able to ride my bike with a friend, drink some coffee and see the sunrise, it was the maiden voyage for my new All-City Cycles Macho King, Team…

  • 3 out. 1 in.

    3 out. 1 in.

    3 out. 1 in. I am purging right now a lot of gear. Bikes and camera gear. Gotta go. It feels good.

  • Bikes – A Universal Language?

    Well….My Japan photo dump took almost 7 hours yesterday. All day. Ouch! As I looked back through the images, one thing was clear. Bikes are a universal language. Bikes break down barriers. They get you where you need to go. They make  you smile. They keep you healthy.  Bikes rule!