Friday Ride Stoke

Yes, it’s Friday. So stoked. Short week of work for me since I was up north Monday thru Wednesday. I plan to start the day with a good ride with Ben, Logan and who knows who else might show up?! That’s how all great Friday’s start, with a bike ride with friends.

Today’s Friday Ride Stoke comes to you from several weeks back. I met up with Ben and Curtis in Northfield and we rode a new north and west route towards Canon Falls. We rode some roads I’ve never ridden before out there and let me tell you I enjoy new roads.  This is probably my favorite shot of the day. I like how Curtis is out of the saddle and you can tell the road is gently going up and has a slight curve. I shot this using Ilford HP5. This was my first roll of HP5. I messed it up by accident by accidentally turning the compensation dial on my Bessa R4A when I grabbed it out of my pack. This resulted in the film being underexposed. I pushed it quite a bit in post processing. It came out flat so I had to add some contrast to the scan. All in all though, it really gave me an image I like with depth and character. It makes me want to ride too. Hope you enjoy it.

I sure hope your Friday is as good as I expect mine to be. Enjoy your day and have a great weekend.

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