Friday Ride Stoke – 1 mile


I am back today with a Friday Ride Stoke entry. I’ve been riding quite a bit more and while I may not have something super for every Friday, I certainly plan to post Friday Ride Stokes when I do.  Today is one of my favorites. I call it 1-Mile.  I have ridden past this spot countless times and never noticed the old road under the brush. In the summer, I’ve never seen this because of overgrowth and brush. Honestly, it was the gap in the horizon that made me look because I knew there must be a path or something otherwise there would not be a gap. Last weekend I got to ride it.  It was roughly 1 mile long and that 1 mile made my ride memorable. Sometimes that is all it takes!

Have a great day folks.  Good luck to all my friends at Trans Iowa V10 this weekend.  Go get it done!

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