Autumn Hangs On

Fall and autumn colors are really trying to hang on. Last Friday morning I got out early with a plan to ride Lebanon Hills. As I was heading over, I got distracted by a small lake on the side of the road. I’ve not bothered on stopping because it is on a part of the park that is off limits to bike. But this time, I stopped. Looked at it. Leaned my bike up against the gate and hiked down to it. I am glad I did. Check out the warm morning light bringing the colors out on the lake. I would not have seen this without getting off my bike and walking down to the water.

That brief stop set the tone for the rest of the ride. It was morning and I had Lebanon Hills to myself. There was not another car in the lot. I only stopped once to take a picture and that is when I ran across one tree that could not hold it’s leaves any longer.

I love that we get 4 very different and unique seasons here in MN. That said, I am hanging on to every bit of fall we have as I’m not quite ready for the next season yet. C’mon fall. Hang on just a bit longer.

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