I like taking pictures

I have put off posting pics for a bit. I haven’t sat at my computer. I haven’t filed them away. I haven’t tweaked them in Lightroom. I haven’t carefully processed these. Nope. I am slipping. But….I like taking pictures. Actually, I love taking pictures.

I just don’t know what to do with them once I have got them. I still don’t know what it means or where I should go with this hobby and  passion.  I am sure someone reading this will say you don’t need to do anything with it if what you are doing brings you joy. I get that, but in fact, what I am doing with it doesn’t bring me joy.  My family isn’t benefiting the way they should because I haven’t processed the images and made them available on a public folder. My printer is down and out and I haven’t printed anything. My computer I use to process is painfully out of date and slow and not up to date with proper updates and current versions. My Lightroom catalog is unmanageable and it’s painfully slow.

But…I like taking pictures and sharing them here. That’s just what I do. Here’s what I have been up too in the last month. In pictures processed on my mobile device and not my normal workflow.

As always, click on any image to go to slideshow mode. Hope you enjoy!


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