Fragments – My 1st Month with the Fuji X Pro 2

I am closing this month a very happy man. I’ve had an incredible month. My family is great. I’ve traveled to Oklahoma for the Landrun 100 and to Colorado for my family spring break and on Friday, I leave for Kansas City for a soccer tournament followed by Duluth, MN the following weekend for the state band concert. My job is going better. I also had my best month of traffic ever with over 35000 visitors and views. Blessed. That is the word that comes to mind. Thank you all!

It was also my 1st month with the Fuji X Pro 2. I had a great month of shooting. Here are a few shots. All of these were shot RAW and processed in camera to JPEG. I haven’t processed any RAW file yet.  Haven’t had too as the JPEGs are working well for my use. Here are few shots and links and words from my first month of shooting the amazing Fuji X Pro 2.


This is my very first shot from the Fuji X Pro 2.   A friend of mine had just traveled to Minnesota and given me this whisky glass with Mount Fuji in the base. This was shot at ISO 6400 with the 35mm f2. Right then and there, I realized we’d get along well and it’s high ISO seemed to be impressive.


I took it for a ride in the country on some of my favorite roads. Again, impressed. More pics from that post can be found here.


I also had the pleasure of seeing my new Fuji X Pro 2, handcrafted, wooden grip frome JB Camera Designs  being made and Steve Huff picked up and ran the story on his site. So cool!


I few images I like from Landrun 100 with the Fuji X Pro 2. It’s a wickedly capable camera. These images got over 30,000 views. Blown away to say the least.


Driving home from Oklahoma, I found this abandoned farm house. I shot it with the X Pro 2 and 90mm f2. It made the Fuji Rumor readers most like images on facebook this past weekend.


My kids. Lounging and reading while on spring break. I love the sound of the new shutter and of course the incredible Fuji lenses. Perfect for capturing those quiet and intimate moments.


My primary walk around lens is the quick and quiet 35 f2. It is pretty much perfect. Here are two shots from walking around Steamboat Spring, Colorado. The 1st being a friend and the founder of Moots Cycles followed by going off on his own and founding Eriksen titanium bicycles. The second being from a western shop. I just liked the way this looked and how classic chrome rendered the colors.


I brought the X Pro 2 skiing too. I carried only the 16mm f1.4 and the 90mm f2. Sometimes I like the wide point of view and other times I like the narrow and shallow. Of note, it snowed two of the three days so I really tested it’s weather sealing.  I’m happy to report that I had zero issues with body or lenses in the heavy snowfall!


I also tested the continuous autofocus and tracking ability. The zone focus really tracked skiers well. I shot about 30 images in bursts and about 27 were usable and sharp. I still don’t think it works quite right for shooting sports like soccer with players crossing each other but for many uses, the continuous autofocus with tracking is likely more than sufficient.


And with that, I leave you with one final peaceful images taken high up in the mountains. It’s my happy place.

As you can see, I am pretty darn pleased with the Fuji X Pro 2. Still shooting and learning. It’s got a few quirks, and all cameras do, but overall we get along nicely.  Looking forward to really finding out what the camera is capable of over the next few months.



4 thoughts on “Fragments – My 1st Month with the Fuji X Pro 2

  1. Great shots, which I’m sure you’re very happy with. Got my X-Pro2 a week ago and I’m still learning its foibles. The weather here in the UK has not been kind to photographers of the Easter break but things will be better later in the week… Hoping to get out and about on Thursday. Best, Tony

    1. Thanks Tony! I hope you get out soon. It’s a joy to use and shoot. I also hope you are as pleased with the results as I am. Thanks again!

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