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First Tracks

Our winter here in MN hasn’t been great if you like snow. Thankfully we got a dusting on Christmas night. I made plans to ride in the morning, well below first light, as I knew the trees and the ground would be covered in soft snow. The beauty did not disappoint.

But the real beauty and surprise was the fact that we got first tracks on the route. In a city filled with fatbikes and the fact that we’ve had a crappy snow season, any snow means people get out right away. Somehow with the holidays John and I managed to make first tracks. That is a special treat and we took the opportunity to fully enjoy it.

I am sharing some images today and straying a bit from my personal preferences. Typically, I prefer black and white images. Typically I do not mix color and B & W in the same post. Typically I don’t like over processed images. Personally, I like to try to present a set of images with a common look, feel and viewpoint. Well….Today I am breaking all those rules and putting them all in one post.

I shot all of these images in extreme darkness and really high ISO’s, either 3200 or 6400. At these ISO’s my 5 year old camera breaks down a bit and shows grain and color artifacts. Oh well….I just made stuff work and here are some images I really like.  Hope you got out too and I hope you enjoy them.

4 responses to “First Tracks”

    • Tracy thank you. I quit my photo business a while ago no so unfortunately I do not make and sell prints. Thank you though.

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