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A Restart

This past weekend I left town with a few incredible people with the intent of riding, shooting and laughing. I needed it. What for you ask? To reset….Or to Restart. Let me explain.

I have let life get the best of me this year. I lived up to my work hard play hard mantra but I got caught up in stuff. I wasted time, energy and money on things that are not important. I am kinda pissed at myself really. I let it go too far!!!!

So…What’s involved in my restart? The first thing is writing down what is important in my life. The second is focusing on those things. The third is being intentional with the valuable energy, time and money that I have. I gotta make some changes.

Over the next few months I’m going to shut down a lot of my social channels including both Facebook and Tumblr.  I’ll focus on really improving and honing my photography and being consistent with my vision on Instagram (for now) and here. I’ve been pleased with what I have been sharing here but I have also been lazy in this. I’ve been sharing my stuff in multiple channels. I’ve shared crappy images. I’ve shared things that really don’t represent my vision, my passions and my skills.

In that vein, here are few pictures from this weekend at Levis Trow  that I think are worth sharing. What an incredible weekend folks and thank you for the inspiration and leading me to a new place. I needed that!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

10 responses to “A Restart”

    • Thanks for the good times and for taking time to comment. Sincerely thank you. The riding at Levis Trow is amazing. Blown away. Thanks for hanging out with us too. Can’t wait to See you again on your trails.

  1. Awesome! Thoughts of the Desert Ramble where flashing through my brain after seeing those familiar faces. Bikes are a vehicle for so many things other than just transportation … experiences, friendships, memories, fitness, living, resetting, ….

  2. Gnat- what was the small camera you guys discussed at Levis? The subject of what to take, other than a cell phone, if you wanted a small unobtrusive camera along. Was it a Fuji of some kind or something else?

    • The tiny camera I use on bike often is a Panasonic GM5 with either a 14mm or 20mm Panasonic prime lens. The kit lens is OK but the primes are quite a bit better and brighter. Transfers to phone easily.

    • Steve one more camera to look at is the Panasonic LX100. Very similar to the GM5 I mentioned but it has a built in zoom lens.

  3. […] I wrote about A restart here and it was coined the miniramble on Instagram.  I had a group of friends come to town and we spent 4 days together riding, eating, laughing, eating, taking pictures and drinking coffee, whisky & beer. It was my social highlight of the year and the thing that brought me clarity for my year and how I want to move forward. I am forever thankful for these fine folks. Here are a few of my favorite pics from that trip. More at the link above. […]

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