Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

Babe the Blue Ox

After many, many months of riding fatbikes Babe the Blue Ox left the garage today. I intentionally quit riding skinny tire bikes sometime last fall to prepare my body for my Desert Ramble tour. When the temps hit near 50 today and the blue sky came out, I knew it was time. Oh sweet Lord it was a good day. The bike felt fast, nimble and light. When I had a tailwind I barely had to pedal. It felt so darn good. Gave me a smile today I will not soon forget.

It really was an incredible day and I am not going to ruin it by adding more words, just pictures! Hope you all got out too enjoy the incredible world we live in.

JWB_babetheblueox_IG_2015_8-5 JWB_babetheblueox_IG_2015_8-4 JWB_babetheblueox_IG_2015_8-3 JWB_babetheblueox_IG_2015_8-2 JWB_babetheblueox_IG_2015_8

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