One Two Three

Spring broke early here in MN. Rather than writing & reading I’ve been riding and shooting. It was quite amazing to be out and about without snow in mid March. I say that knowing the flip side that our mother earth will need moisture early this year or it will be a dull and waterless season. But….I tried not to think about that as I took it all in.

Today I even rode with some actual Minnesota white skin exposed to the air. No tights. No layers. My skin actually was exposed to natural light! Crazy and only one car flashed their brights at me!

But here are three snaps from the last three rides. Hope you all got out too.

JWB_FargoTi_March_2015_three JWB_FargoTi_March_2015_two JWB_FargoTi_March_2015_one

Yep, it’s good out there right now. My friend Marty wrote on a Facebook post that it’s as good as it gets. Go get it!

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