Campagnolo Peanut Butter Wrenches

I have been interested in Tumblr for some time. I’ve played around with it as a visual and creative diary. Much like blogs and other forms of social networking, it sort of has it’s own culture and group of folks that follow it. I find myself using Tumblr more and more to research specific tags. It seems a bit more of a creative culture than the other social forms of sharing & communicating. I have posted a few hundred various images over on Tumblr over several months. I don’t post that often, but I find it interesting that some of my personal favorite photos as well as photos & posts that get comments here don’t get likes, reblogs or comments over on tumblr. Don’t really know what to make of that yet other than different strokes for different folks.

The above image is my most popular image on Tumblr. I took it at the Golden Saddle bike shop in LA. Not sure it has much relevance here on my blog, but it is bike related and I do like the image. Just thought I’d share it here today.

5 thoughts on “Campagnolo Peanut Butter Wrenches

  1. It is a cool image. Love the DOF and simple composition; works really well in B&W.

    Do you find the time invested in Tumblr worth it? I’ve hemmed and hawed on that one, wondering if it’s worth getting involved in yet ANOTHER social media platform. What do you find you get there that you don’t get on FB, Twitter, G+, Flickr, your blog, etc.? How is the experience different, better or worse?

    1. Fonk thanks for the comment and good questions.

      I really like Tumblr because it is more of a creative environment. I hate the interface of Flickr and Facebook doesnt give me the feel I seek.

      For me I started using Tumblr so that I could post all my photography and interests rather than just bike photography.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I agree with you about Flickr: I never got beyond posting just a few images on there, as the interface feels so blandly utilitarian and boring. The world’s greatest photographers might be on there, but it doesn’t exactly inspire me, as it doesn’t feel artistic. I use 500px for that type of sharing, and like it a lot better.

        It sounds like Tumblr might be what G+ is for many; not better or worse, just another option. I think Tumblr might have the edge on interface, though.

  2. I just started following you on Tumblr. I just started with it and I’m not fully up to speed yet on how stuff works there. Got a nice pic of my Fargo on there somewhere though…

    1. Awesome to connect with you again! Just added you to my follow list on Tumblr. Ran through your stuff. So jealous you have those mountains in your back yard!

      Thanks again JS!

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