Catching Up – Where have I been?!

Well here I am back at It’s been over a year since my last post. I’m betting some folks may have a few questions so let me get a few questions as well as a few answers out of the way.

Where have you been? Oh my, that is a big question. Well….Since the last post here in late 2012, I have started a new webstore and shut it down. I got a new job as did my wife.  I am a proud dad and my kids are growing up fast. I go to A LOT of soccer. I don’t ride enough.  I’ve traveled to near and far away places. I stood up in front of people for the first time to present about photography at the Adventure Monkey photo tour. I’ve taken a lot of pictures. I’ve learned a lot.  Yep, life! That is what I have been up too.  I will sum it up in the following photo.

I’ve been seeing just what this big old world is all about

Why now? Why am I starting again? Well….This one is a bit tougher to answer. I really miss it for one and that is probably the biggest one. If you read through the past year you can see I had quite a few changes in 2013, maybe too many to handle all at the same time. I need the writing, sharing and interaction to help me process. I also need it for inspiration and to meet people. I miss that. I also sometimes need to look back to see just what I’ve done and where I’ve been. It helps me an d at the same time it drives me.  I’ll sum it all up in the following picture.

Riding, taking pictures, writing and sharing makes me happy
Riding, taking pictures, writing and sharing makes me happy

What’s the plan here? I just think it is time to start getting back to the things that are important to me. It’s time. I’ve tried some other stuff. I have messed around with other photo sites like tumblr and social platforms like Flickr. I find them all to be boring and have shortcomings because they lack the sharing aspect of blogging and all but eliminate deeper and more meaningful posts.  I do plan to curate the material here a bit better than in the past. If I don’t have anything to share, write or post, I don’t plan to force myself. It will come and go with a bit of ebb and flow.  I can tell you though it will be about the things I love; People, bikes, photography and travel.

Hope to see you back here and out there soon
Hope to see you back here and out there soon


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