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Back in the saddle

I finally got back in the saddle after taking some time. It seems I have an internal ride barometer that keeps me centered and grounded. I needed some time away from the bike to come back to it motivated. My ride wasn’t spectacular in length or difficulty nor did it feel very good physically. In fact, I felt like I was moving about as fast as an old tank.  The cold, damp, wet air didn’t help either. But…I got what I needed. Time to think. Time to process a few things going on in my head. Time to take a few pics. I came home refreshed and motivated for both cycling and photography. I am back in the saddle with a new perspective. It feels good.

4 responses to “Back in the saddle”

  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one Jason. I haven’t pedaled since you guys left. A fast moving cold and lingering cough has kept me sidelined. Looking forward to pedalin’ this week though. Thanks for the motivator.

  2. @Joe, thank you. It is one of my favorites. Right now it is number 2. I am saving my favorite for Friday’s Ride Stoke!

    @Errin, it is also good to know that I was not the only one. Just needed some time. Things are coming back together here. Snow this AM. Fatbiking is on my mind. I think I better build some purple fatbike wheels for this guy I know…….

  3. Yep, still haven’t pedaled. Life I guess. Bustin’ out the ‘fish on Saturday though. Still fired on the stoke from our trip!

    Get those wheels built man! We should have snow out here in a few weeks. Not really.

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