Hot, hot, hot!

As I wrote earlier in the week, things are feeling a bit more normal. This includes riding. However, the weather isn’t exactly ideal. It is HOT!!!!! Did I mention it is hot out right now?

But what’s a guy to do when this is the time you have to ride? Well….you ride. And ride I did. Monday in the near 100 degree temps I got 4+ full hours of riding and slogging. Two in the AM and 2+ n the evening. Yes it was hot but I did not care. It was so hot though I only took 3 pictures. Here are all 3.


I left early and I could see the wispy clouds catching just a hint of color before the sun rose to the horizon line.


The air was thick & wet and when the sun rose up on the horizon the color exploded. When I showed my wife this image she said it looked like snow or ice reflecting the light. I agree but it was thick algae.


This last image was when I got stuck in the creek. The water level was high and there was no way to cross. I found a low spot and tried to cross on a downed tree. Right near the edge I slipped on the wet log and went knee deep into the muddy water. I was stopped anyway so I took one last picture.

After that I just kept the camera away and controlled my output and my fluid input. All in all a great day and a great ride. One of my favorites of the year.

In other news, I am out until Monday. Gonna hang out with my family, see my mom and ride my bike. Have a great 4th of July.

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