I posted earlier in the week that the Gnat family was in North Dakota. We were back for a special reason, that being celebrating my wife’s parents 50th wedding anniversary. It was a special surprise mini family reunion. Celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary is special and every member of the immediate family made it home. Seeing the entire family together really added to the feeling of significance and awesomeness of 50 years together.  50 years deserves celebration.

I took the opportunity to enjoy myself and challenge myself to take some event photography.  Since we had a family portrait earlier in the day with Otis and James Photography I didn’t take too many family photographs. I focused my time on some of the event details. Here are a few of those photos processed in a vintage cream tone.

Here’s t0 50 years of memories and to an amazing family.

All of these shots were shot with my Sony NEX7 at ISO 800 with either the 24mm f1.8 or 50mm 1.8. All were shot natural light and shot wide open. I wish I would have pushed that last shot to ISO 1600 to get just a bit more speed and sharpness. Overall though, the NEX 7 was wonderful with the small size and wonderful focus peaking.

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