Gone Adventuring

Gone Adventuring

After a record month here on the Imaginegnat blog,  it’s time for a break. This one is a big one too. I’m out and about for the next 3 weeks. I’m taking some personal time for me as well as a bike trip with my Salsa Fargo to a far away land.  I’ll officially be back here blogging around the 21st or 22nd of May. I’ll likely have a few random posts between now and then from who knows where?

In blog terms, this break comes at an inopportune time. It’s not recommended to take a break when things are going so well. However, this blog doesn’t pay the bills and I’ll be honest, I need to be out there to find inspiration for in, or on, here. This is a needed break and my longest since I started blogging several years ago. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t feel it was needed. I expect to come back with loads of inspiration, stories as well as some fun imagery. I sure hope you keep coming back and stick with me through this break.

Have a great week folks. Stay tuned and expect a surprise post or two.

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