Sunset over Lake Superior

Shuji riding the shelf ice @ at sunset - Park Point - Duluth, MN

I was looking back through images related to my friends in Japan. I’ll see them again in about a week. I was preparing some images that I am printing as gifts for them. I ran across this photo of my friend Shuji and it made me get lost, dream and imagine. So…I played with it a bit just to have fun and try a new photo treatment that I’ve been working on. I know many folks are probably tired of all the grain I am using, but I am sure into the grainy textures lately. I think it is because I am shooting film again. Even though the original file from the image above is perfectly sharp and clear, I like the feel of the image and it gives me a warm nostalgic feeling.

Anyway, just having fun posting this one today. Hope your weekend is going great.

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