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Tag: Project Steve

  • Headed Out

    I am taking a break here @ ImagineGnat. I am headed out to test my mind, my body and my equipment. Time to learn something new about myself, my world and my gear. See you all on the 29th or 30th back here.

  • Gone Adventuring

    After a record month here on the Imaginegnat blog,  it’s time for a break. This one is a big one too. I’m out and about for the next 3 weeks. I’m taking some personal time for me as well as a bike trip with my Salsa Fargo to a far away land.  I’ll officially be…

  • A quick photo stop with my Fargo

    It’s beautiful out there. Life is everywhere. Grass is green. The sky is blue. The blossoms are in full bloom. Stunning. The other day while out on a nice long Fargo ride, I stopped to take a few pics. Yeah, it was a good day. I think I’m going to go by here today to…

  • Crushing Gravel & Testing Gear

    This past weekend marked the start of the gravel racing season here in MN. While my friends were out crushing gravel at Ragnarok, I was out and about testing new equipment for my upcoming trip to Japan. I am narrowing in on my final kit for both bike and camera. I’ll then move onto camping…