My new Salsa Fargo

Last Friday I took a vacation day.  I felt a little bit guilty but mostly I felt giddy. Giddy because I was riding my new Salsa Fargo that I built for an upcoming trip to Japan. My plan was simple. Go ride all day. That is exactly what I did. I put my Edge Composite wheels on with almost new WTB Nanoraptors and I headed for the country. What followed was several hours of gravel, a few farm trail double tracks, and some pavement. I had coffee with my friend Ben Witt. My loop ended up being Northfield for breakfast, head west and hit Sogn Valley, Canon Valley for a snack and then home. I charted it perfectly and just when I was getting really tired in Canon Falls, I had a sweet tailwind all the way home.  Perfectly perfect. My bike treated me very well. In fact, I’m smitten. Look for a full write up on the bike on the Salsa blog within the next month. Some of you saw it at Frostbike. It’s pretty darn special.

I really didn’t take that many pictures. I did shoot a roll of film while riding. I am doing an experiment and who knows what I’ll get. I was also shooting with an old, expired roll of film I found while straightening up my work area in the basement.  I did however, stop at a little building I love and snap a few photos.

And I couldn’t help playing with the intense springtime light and contrast.


I finished the day quite knackered but somehow managed to make fresh guacamole and sip a nice hoppy beer before bed. All in all a near perfect day on my new Fargo. I can’t wait to see where this Fargo will take me?!

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