Reveal the Path Movie Trailer

I’m pretty darned excited about this movie. Salsa Cycles, my employer, is presenting this movie and I was fortunate enough to be there for some of the shooting of this. No, I didn’t shoot nor am I in the movie, but I got to be there and experience 1 leg of their journey. It was incredible.  The world premier will be here in Minneapolis, MN on May 31st at the Riverview Theater. If you are anywhere near the Twin Cities and enjoy cycling, beautiful imagery, bikepacking, the world, and story telling, then you will not want to miss this.

Can you guess which segment I got to be part of their journey? Here’s a hint.

Onward to Homer, Alaska

Hope to see all of you on my path sometime soon.

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  1. Reblogged this on ridingagainstthegrain and commented:
    I’m not IN the movie like Gnat is…but I can’t wait to see it. RtP was my first-ever Kickstarter experience.


  2. That looks awesome!


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