Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

2023 Framework – Time

It’s 2023 and I need to keep moving forward. The last two years have been monumental for me and I owe many of the successful changes to the framework I put in place each January. In 2021 I made a commitment to prioritize myself and that resulted in me quitting my job of 25+ years. In 2022 I made a serious commitment to my health, creativity, and learning the skills I needed both to be fulfilled mentally as well as to start a craft, small business. What will it be for 2023?

I feel sorta weird talking about time. For many who know my story, watch from afar or simply follow me on social media I bet it looks like I have endless time. The reality though is that some thing will occupy any space or open slot that one may have with time. Some things are intentional while others are not. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about time and what is best for me. As I share what I learned as well as what I intend to do with my time in the coming year, please keep in mind what works for me may not work for you. So what have I learned about time and what am I planning to do with my time in 2023?

Time is both a fixed and a known quantity. You can’t add more time to a day, week, month, or year. While I don’t sleep that well or much, there is only so much time to fill. In a way, I see time much like I see and think about money. For 90+% of the world, money isn’t endless and if you want extra time, you need to both plan for it and protect it. This is a key thing I am focused on in 2023. I intend to be intentional with my time and create time for my friends & family, my health & well-being, my creativity & learning, and my small business. On the surface, that looks like an attainable goal, but truth be told, some things have to give in 2023 to achieve those things.

One of those things that I need to do to achieve those things is focus. I like to create systems and tools to measure against. One of those is the following quote.

Stop wasting time and money on things that are not moving me forward.


Let me give you an example. I will be talking about photography and creativity in my next post. As a precursor to that post I will be talking about film photography. My brain doesn’t stop ever and as I thought about photography in 2023 I quickly came up with about 10 things I could do to share and talk about film photography. I could start a new blog, I could create a new Instagram handle, I need to figure out high-quality film scanning, and on and on. This quote helps me stop and focus. I plan to shoot and capture on film to have fun and to have something physical from photography. I am not doing it to occupy more time and create both opportunities and needs around creating content. I simply want to do have fun and keep it fun. Will I share it? Sure, but I do not need to create a new or separate channel that needs to be fed.

Time is fixed. Time is known. I intend to use it wisely in 2023. So over the next several days, I am going to dig a bit deeper into a few of those areas. So until then, here are a few photographs I am simply calling Winter 2023 that point to how I intend so spend my time in 2023. Click on any image to go to slideshow mode.

Time is fixed. Time is known. I intend to use it wisely in 2023.

Next up on the blog? Photography, creativity, and ignoring social media.

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