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Gnat’s Best of 2022 – My Favorite Moments, Places, and Images

As 2022 comes to a close, I am attempting to put my thoughts and memories in neat, little collections. This is a bit selfish as doing so helps me put my thoughts in little files in my brain and helps me prepare for 2023. I always do this but have inconsistently shared them over the past several years. It is my favorite post of this year and annually a highlight. I simply love to take the end of the year to really sift through my images and thoughts as I prepare to set goals for 2023. Here we go. Let’s have some fun.

Favorite travel experiences. This one is easy and I have two this year, Spain and Steamboat Springs. Spain was a highlight because it was a family trip we have always wanted to do but was shut down due to covid restrictions. When things opened up again, we picked our kids up from college and off we went to Spain. This is my personal favorite family trip ever! Steamboat was a highlight as it was time for Jen and me to learn and experience a month away from our home in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was incredible and I am forever thankful to my brother and sister in law for sharing their beautiful property with us.

Our kids – I have shared these two pictures before, but as a photographer a challenge in portraiture is to capture the true essence of a subject and these two pictures really show a few of the unique things about each of our children. I love these images and moments and feel joy every single time I look at them. The image of my daughter on the left is from our trip to Colorado together to visit Grandma, Todd and Penny as well as go to the US Women’s Soccer Match. The image on the right was in a town square in Barcelona. I can’t tell you how much I love each of these kids and these photos. Jen and I are so proud of these kids. They are without a doubt becoming their own people and we are thankful for every minute we get to share with them.

Favorite images of my wife, wife & daughter, and place. Costa Brava, Spain. Costa Brava is an area between Barcelona and France. I long to go back. It’s stunning. These images bring me back and give me such a feeling of joy and peace. This is what we long to do together whether in our home or in faraway places. Coffee together has been a staple in our life and marriage for all our years together. We will for sure go back to this area together, maybe for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2024!

Friends and family – We have been more intentional about spending time with friends and family in 2022. 2022 was a great year to build on as we switch over to 2023.

The most pivotal moment of my year – Relearning sewing and starting my own little start up brand and business, Iceworm MFG. I attended an industrial sewing course in Los Angeles area with Canvas Worker & Brown Buffalo. I left with some new skills as well as some early prototypes of products I have yet to launch in my Icworm MFG product selection.

My favorite day(s) on the bike. Both are from Steamboat. Both are aboard my Tumbleweed Stargazer. One is on road 52e after being caught in a downpour. The other is on the Great Divide headed north. This spot was heading up Sand Mountain Pass before dropping back down to Brush Mountain Lodge.

Favorite Images – These are a few of my personal, favorite images. None of which are meant for commercial work or anything. They are deeply personal and for me and me only. OK…A few are for my wife, friends and family too.

And that is a wrap on 2022!. Hope you enjoyed it.

Lastly, I wanted to take a moment to simply say thank you to readers, friends, and family for following along. In reality, 2022 represented so many things for me personally. I can’t thank you all enough for being a part of it. I would not be where I am today without your support.

Next up: A framework and goals for 2023!

4 responses to “Gnat’s Best of 2022 – My Favorite Moments, Places, and Images”

  1. Beloved Jason! You are an inspiration to my heart and soul! and my inner biker! Thank you for sharing all these splendorous photos and words about what you have lived this past year! and thank you for introducing me to Salsa!

    • Thanks Carma. Love you. And you are an inspiration to me! So thankful to have seen you and connected earlier this year. Sometime in 2023 we need to do a bike ride together!

    • Right back at you friend! Thank you for being who you are and inspiring me and others! Love ya friend. Happy riding and hope to see ya in 2023!

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