Ben’s Custom Pofahl

I haven’t shared much here on the blog about my current bike set up lately. Partly because I am in transition and have several new bikes in process. But partly it is because I have been stable for the past year with the following rig.

This Fulton painted All City Macho King frame, Whisky fork and custom Paul Disc brakes is for sale. Contact me at G N A T at L I V E dot C O M if interested. It is a size 55 (56.6 TT).

But…I did find some time to ride with a good friend, Ben. Those following along here at the Gnat blog for a while know I’ve been riding with Ben for a long time. In fact, I could do an incredible photo series about our morning rides if I took the time to go through the archives.  Ben is a lover of wool, meat and fine bicycles. He has quite a collection and his newest rig and creation is nothing short of astounding.

This bike is Ben’s second Pofahl. His other is a custom made drop bar fatbike. It’s a stunner too. I have pics somewhere but here is one of him riding it a few years back.

I wonder if this is what riding on other planets is like?

Ben currently works for Whisky bike parts and prior to that worked for Salsa Cycles. Prior to joining us at QBP, he owned a really successful specialty retail shop that put out some incredible bicycles.  This bike is a culmination of many years of thought and experience. My favorite feature is the permanently mounted, front rack (which is a an old Salsa Casseroll rack).  I look at that front triangle and can’t imagine the gear Ben can pack in there (he’s a pack rat!).  Of course it has Whisky’s new carbon, 50mm wide, tubeless, 27.5 rims.  This bike is simply gorgeous and deserves to be seen so I figured I’d post it up here.   Enjoy.  Click on any pic below to go to slideshow mode.


But….while both Ben and I love bikes, they aren’t just for collecting. Here’s one quick snap from that morning ride.  What a bike and what a morning. Thank you Ben!


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