Don’t Be Afraid

I’ve been hiding in the shadows this month. Not much shooting and not much sharing going on. I’ve had only 1 post this month. I haven’t been ignoring the blog, just not sharing. In fact, my mind has been racing and I’ve been struggling to get it out.

These past few weeks I’ve been obsessing, to a point of unhealthiness, about gear, travel, commitments, work, traffic, business, riding, etc. After an incredible few months resulting in record all time traffic here last month, I have taken April to exhale and think.

The thing I have been pondering the last few weeks is what is my purpose?  Why do I keep this blog going? I’ve seen so many talented folks share their gifts, find their way, and then lose focus and direction.  Success brings new options. I’ve sold some imagery this month. I’ve gotten several advertising requests for this blog. I have ideas about how to bring more traffic. Gear comparisons.  Stories. Challenges.  But…I just don’t want to make this blog a “job”.  That is my personal challenge. I like to go deep with everything I do and I often get in too deep.

I have again settled on the idea that my purpose in sharing here at ImagineGnat is to inspire folks to get out there. Chase dreams. Challenge yourself to be better. Learn something new. Do what you love.  Do not be afraid.  Go.

Hope to see you out there somewhere.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid

  1. Maybe the blog is a way to get feelings and thoughts out? I know for myself, sometimes I have an image I just want to post or more often, I have a story I want to tell and I never know who reads or sees it. I rarely get feedback, but maybe that isn’t the point. We are “publishing” and I imagine it’s much like an author seeing their work in print-they are “putting it out there” so to speak. We do the same, except electronically. We hit “post,” and let the piece go out there for maybe someone else to see/read/be inspired by.

    1. That is also very true Steve. Sometimes I just want to share something. I hope also that looking at a total body of work though that there are deeper meanings too. I really hope that over time my words and images inspire people to go out in the world and chase there dreams. Thank you Steve. Means a lot to me that you commented.

      1. Sometimes I look at the folder on my computer labeled “blog posts” and think-jeesh, those are a lot of stories, each one a time capsule of my life at that moment-years of them. If I go back and read one or two, sometimes they hold up (if I wrote well) sometimes they don’t, but they are still important in a way. The same goes for images. I know you do a “year in review” post usually of photos, and I do the same, and I’m always struck by going back 12 months and getting a feeling of that time just by giving them a second look. It’s always my favorite story of the year it seems-a retrospective. Keep up the great work.

  2. Like your words, your photographs lend a transparency to your life. They are a sort of window through which your readers can peer and see what you’re experiencing; either “beautiful or terrible”. Seeking balance in a busy life is certainly a challenge. I hope you’ll always find joy in whatever it is you do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. I really do enjoy sharing and hopefully at the same time inspiring. Means a lot to me you took the time to comment too! Have a great day friend.

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