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5 years with Fuji X Cameras

Some of you that have landed here at the Imaginegnat blog and are photographers know there has been a lot of discussion the last few years about “Switching to Mirrorless” or “Why I sold my Canikon DSLR to switch to Sony, Fuji or Olympus”.  I went through that battle a few years ago and 99% of what I do now is shot on a Fuji X mirrorless camera.

Roughly 5 years ago, Fujifilm entered the camera world with the announcement of their X100 and I got on a waiting list and purchased one. Not long after they announced their X Pro 1 along with some really nice prime lenses in roughly equivalent length to 28, 50 and 90. I remember going to my local camera store to check it out. I had been shooting a Bessa R4A film rangefinder at the time along side a Nikon D700 DSLR and an Olympus OMD EM5 camera.   I remember holding this new X Pro1 in my hands and then leaving the showroom floor disappointed in the light feeling of the body, the cheap feeling aperture ring and the fly by wire manual focus.  I remember texting my friend saying it felt hollow and cheap. I kept shooting what I had with pleasing to me results.

Not long after, that same trusted friend I texted about the X Pro 1 feeling cheap eventually picked one up and starting praising it. I eventually caved and kept shooting my originl X100 and bought cheaper XE1 later on. Wow. What a combo. I shot this way for a few years and eventually replaced both of those with an XT1 and an X100t.  Within the last 6 months, I also finally picked up a used X Pro 1 for $299. Low and behold the X Pro 1 is now my only Fuji. I shoot it every single day with great delight. I’ve sold both the XT1 & X100t in anticipation of the new X Pro 2 being announced later this month. It is expected to be January 15th, the 5 year anniversary of the X Pro 1 announcement. I will state clearly that I fully intend to purchase one.

I have fallen head over heals in love with the quirky, original X Pro 1.  In fact, I prefer the X Trans 1 sensor over the more recent X Trans 2. The X Pro 1 is truly an incredible camera. Many write about the shortcomings of the aging X pro 1. Those complaints include waxy skin at high ISO, dynamic range issues in high contrast situations, slow autofocus, in-accurate autofocus, poor RAW file handling and the “Fuji” look/color management.

While all that stuff is true at times, when you hit with a Fuji camera and get it right the results are simply incredible. I also don’t think anyone would argue that Fujifilm makes some of the best lenses in the world. They also have continued to invest in previous owners with constant upgrades to old cameras and lenses, with each updating providing noticeable improvements. In short, they have just won me over in the images, the lenses, the user experience and the support.  I am sunk. I am smitten. I am pleased. I can’t wait for the X Pro 2.

With the new X Pro 2 being announced shortly, I thought I’d share a gallery of images from my Fuji cameras over the past 5 years. I have not looked at a collection of images this big in a long time. They are in no particular order nor shared in any order of significance. They are just a collection of some of the images I like from my Fuji X camera(s).

This is no way is intended to be a review and testimonial for any of the cameras and lenses used to take these images. I don’t make a living though photography. I paid for every body and lens used to take these images. Photography is my passion and I just like the images that Fuji X cameras have helped me capture and create.   I hope you enjoy them too.

Thank you Fuji for making the Fuji X cameras and camera systems. They’ve helped me enjoy my hobby and passion like no other system. Here’s to the next five years!

JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011-13 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011-9 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011-8 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011-7 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011-6 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011-5 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011-4 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_X100_2011-2 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1_11 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1_10 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1_8 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1_7 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1_6 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1_5 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1_4 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_XT1_2 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xe1_2 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xe1_3 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xe1_4 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xe1_6 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xe1_7 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xe1_8 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xm1_2 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xm1_3 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xm1_4 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xm1_5 JasonBoucher_FujiX365_Xm1_6 JB_X100t_1month_2015-12 JB_X100t_1month_2015-15 JB_Asundayride-2 JWB_MNNORTHSHORE_feb2015-3 JWB_MNNORTHSHORE_feb2015-4 JWB_MNNORTHSHORE_feb2015-5 JWB_Gnatfamilyspringbreak2015_Tulum-4 JWB_Gnatfamilyspringbreak2015_Tulum-28 JWB_Gnatfamilyspringbreak2015_Tulum-41 JWB_Gnatfamilyspringbreak2015_Tulum-43 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-4 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-5 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-6 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-9 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-10 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-12 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-13 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-15 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW-17 JasonBoucher_TransiowaV11_BW_21 JWB_WTH_1 JWB_WTH_11 JWB_FUJIX_PEOPLE_5 JWB_FUJIX_PEOPLE_12 JWB_FUJIX_PEOPLE_17 JWB_FUJIX20_1 JWB_FUJIX20_2 JWB_FUJIX10_10 JWB_FUJIX10_11 JasonBoucher_December15_FotoFragments_13-Exposure JasonBoucher_December15_FotoFragments_10-Exposure JasonBoucher_December15_FotoFragments_12-Exposure JasonBoucher_December15_FotoFragments_9-Exposure JasonBoucher_December15_FotoFragments_14-Exposure JasonBoucher_Winterwonderland_5-Exposure JasonBoucher_Winterwonderland_2-Exposure SupportLocalMusicians JWB_MDH2015_5-Exposure JWB_ACWSC_1 exposure7_FB JWB_MDH2015_4 exposure7_FB JWB_MDH2015_20 exposure7_FB JasonBoucher_Winterwonderland_7-Exposure JasonBoucher_Winterwonderland_4-Exposure JWB_ACWSC_BW_ JWB_ACWSC_BW_-9



14 responses to “5 years with Fuji X Cameras”

  1. Nice to read your experiences with Fuji. This summer I picked up used x100s. Loved it so much I ended up selling my (low end) DSLR (and some bike gear!) to pick up X-T10 and lenses. Both have been great!

    • That is a nice combo and where I would likely end up if Fuji was wasn’t releasing the new XPro2 later this month. The XT10 would be a great, small on bike camera.

  2. Would you consider an xpro 1 a good value for someone looking to get into the amount system? I purchased an omd em5 on sale a few months ago because it was small and weather sealed and I thought it would be a great bike camera. However there are no weather sealed primes and the pixel noise at high iso is real really bothering me. I’m thinking of selling it for an xt1 but can’t afford that body right now. With the xpro 2 coming out I figure some 1s might be found for a budget friendly price. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Erik, the X pro 1 is a great camera, but it is quite large for an on bike camera. It is also not weather sealed so you’d swap out and lose your weather sealing on the body while being able to purchase some Fuji lenses that have weather sealing. It’s a great camera and a great way to enter the X system but you have to know going into it that it has some quirks and is far from perfect.

  3. Very nice photographs. Enjoyed reading your article too. I still shoot with my Nikon D700, but about 15 months ago I had the opportunity to get an X-T1 and three Fuji lenses at half price, so I did. Love the system! And five months ago I saw an incredible deal on the 35 mm F1 .4, the 27 mm 2.8, and an X-Pro1 body, all new for $950. Since I wanted those two lenses and as a pro a back up body for my X-T1, it was a no-brainer. But I never expected that I would love the X-Pro1 so much. Now for personal shooting I love just bringing the X pro-1 with the 27 mm, or maybe the 35mm if I need low light capability. I have large hands and I have the Fuji battery grip for my XT-1, but I find the X pro-1 “as is” fits perfectly in my hands. I can’t wait for the X pro 2! I’m hoping and it looks like it has an adjustable diopter, which is an issue for me with the X pro1. And one other thing: as far as I can tell, the only difference between the original X-Trans sensor and the version two is the addition of focus pixels which help with the autofocus. But personally I don’t see a difference in resolution or image quality between my X-Pro1 and my XT-1.

  4. Excellent photo series.

    I agree, Fujifilm did great with these cameras. I bought a used black X100 recently, at a good bargain… I love it, even with all the quirks.

    On another note, X100 was released in 2011; X-Pro1 is on 2012. So, X100 shot first… 🙂

  5. Dang, I was just about to email you and see if you still had your X-T1, if I could rent it and a lens or two from you for an upcoming weekend. I was too late! 🙂

      • Thanks, man! Though I don’t have any specific dissatisfaction with my current system, I’ve been feeling the urge to try others lately. I recently rented some Canon gear; will probably try some Nikon stuff, too; and am gonna explore some other mirrorless options (like Fuji), too. I’ll probably end up sticking with my tried-and-true Sony setup, but it’s always fun to try other stuff. I was falling in love with some of that Canon L glass…

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