Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

Share your gifts

Today I am pleased to kick off a special project for 2016. I am calling it “Share Your Gift”. The notion came from a sermon I heard sometime last year and I wrote it down in my notes. The sermon was about finding happiness and had 3 simple steps, one of those being live for others with an encouragement to “share, or use, your gift.”

As I grow up, I am still searching out and playing with the notion that I might have some sort of visual gift that I have not explored and really used or shared. As a kid I was among other things, an artist. I sketched and I painted. Now, I take pictures. I need to figure out if its true that this is a gift and if it is, what this particular gift is about and how I am supposed to be using this gift?

In 2016, I am starting down the road to find out. I am going to print a picture a week for 52 weeks and mail it to someone. The someone will be chosen randomly. The someone could be the subject of the picture, the inspiration behind the image or be passionate about the subject. It could be one picture. It could be multiple. The print could be color or black and white. It could be a print of any size. The whole purpose is to do something with the gift that I might have, bring pictures to life instead of sitting on a hard drive somewhere, and most importantly to bring joy to others.

Each week following the mailing of the image or images, I will be posting them on a new page with a link at the top of this page next to Home.  A direct link is here.

Share Your Gift Journal Page

Here’s to a great 2016. I hope you and I cross paths and that I can share a photograph or two with you.

Thank you and enjoy.



6 responses to “Share your gifts”

    • Thanks. To start it will be mostly people I know. But I travel alot and I expect it will include people I just met or don’t know at all.

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