Our trip to the Pacific Northwest


Last week my wife and I celebrated our 16th year of marriage by traveling to Seattle and the area north of Seattle. It was our first trip in many many years without our children. Our plan was a couple days in the city and a couple days out of the city. We found out when you don’t need to manage activities, meal planning and household chores you have a lot of time to spend together and a lot of time to be out there experiencing the world. We walked. Went to museums. Did all the touristy things. Ate like kings and queens. Hiked. Slept. Whale watched. We did as much as possible.  We also found out that we don’t need to be away from our kids very long before we miss them dearly. We cherish our family bond and time together. That said, it was good for us and it was great for my family and our kids to spend time together while we were away.

I tried my best to document this trip. As you know I love taking photographs. I came home really pleased with the pictures from this trip. We had a blast. Take a look. Blessed.

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