FIFA Women’s World Cup Fever


Last week my kids finished up school and to celebrate, we headed to Winnepig, Canada to see a couple matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer tournament. It isn’t often that you get to see one of the best teams in the world play. We got to watch Australia vs Nigeria and the USA vs Sweden in the beautiful Winnepig stadium.

This post is pretty short but photo intensive. For my photography friends, I only brought a point and shoot. This was a family affair and I just wanted to be a spectator and take in the game.  Nothing too incredible on the photography front.

What I learned from going to this event is that life is about opportunities and when you have the time, the chance and the ability to go you should go. These are lifelong memories for my kids as well as my wife and I. It was an incredible weekend in a beautiful city.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

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