What the heck?

Looks like in a two month span, I will go from my peak traffic ever with my Trans Iowa V11 coverage to my slowest month in years. Heck, I have only 1 post this month. Yikes. What the heck have I been up too? Well…..Living life, that is for sure.

I’ve been mostly hanging out with my incredible family.


I’ve been working on some different types of photography. I love spring here in MN (or anywhere really) as the environment comes alive with color.


I did some back yard portraits at our neighbor’s daughters birthday party. I shot about 10 but here are a few. I am honing my portrait work for a future project to be shared someday…Or some year. We shall see where it goes.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been riding much. Between family and work (thank me for not sharing work pictures!) I just haven’t had much time. When I do, I’ve been riding my home trail on my Krampus, a bike I like very much.


But more than anything, I’ve been going to soccer games, tournaments and practices. It’s that season. Occasionally we’ve been dodging bad weather too.


Sorry for the boring post. No real meat in this one other than a few pics I like. Honestly, given how this month has gone, it is photography that has kept me going from personal motivation viewpoint. I’m looking to make a deeper personal commitment and I think I have a long project idea (multi year) for continuing my challenge of being a better photographer.

And with that, I am signing off. Hope you all are well and riding & shooting tons!

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