Life is Now

I wrote a couple of days ago that I took a vacation with my family and have been out of town. We took spring break near Tulum, Mexico. This post is really directed towards friends and family as it is mostly family pics, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about the title of this post.. Life is Now.

This was a slogan on the Xel-Ha water adventure park near Tulum. I didn’t see the giant words the first few times we went by it. My wife kept saying it to me and I just missed it. After she pointed it out to me, I saw it all the time and couldn’t get it out of my  mind. I think this was a very real example of what has been going on in my life. I’ve been missing it. I wasn’t seeing what is right before my eye. I’ve been too focused on things and none of them are as important as my family and my faith. So…Today’s slideshow really is a dedication to my family. Life is now. Live it. Live it with others.

So…With that, I will share my two favorite photos from the trip followed by a slide show. These photos represent my incredible family and my happy place. I have printed them both in a 13×19 format and will hang them in my office to remind me. Hope you enjoy.

JWB_Gnatfamilyspringbreak2015_Tulum-43 JWB_Gnatfamilyspringbreak2015_Tulum-4

And with that out of the way, I can’t encourage others enough to get out there. Tulum and the surrounding area was really spectacular. We stayed clear of all but about 95% of the typical “spring break” crowd and spent every moment of every day together. It was spectacular!

2 thoughts on “Life is Now

  1. That looks AWESOME! Thanks for sharing where you went too, I was gonna ask you. We so need to get out of Michigan’s frozen tundra next spring break, but are looking to avoid the major spring break places. Awesome pics per usual.

    Bonus: there were wiener dogs there! 🙂

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