Riding with my son

Last Friday I had this great plan. I was planning on working, riding my bike then going to take photos at the pro cycling race that was in town. Somewhere around 5:00 my plan was foiled when I realized I left my camera bag at work in my workspace. Dang it. Fortunately, my neighbor called to see if Nathan and I wanted to go to Lebanon Hills to mountain bike with he and his sons. With a little hesitation (I had cracked a beer already and was in my chair), Nathan and I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed over to the trail head.

Like many things in my life right now, the evening could not have turned out better. It was truly one of those perfect evenings of temperature and it was EXACTLY what I needed. There is nothing like riding dirt with your son and starting your weekend off with a Friday evening bike ride. It was also my son’s first outing with 26″ wheels. I haven’t gotten him a larger bike yet, but I let him try moms to see how they work. Perfect really. While this bike is just a smidge too big for him, he is ready. I better get to work here!

Obviously if you are a regular reader, you know I love photography and a couple of the pics I am sharing today are special to me as both a photographer and a father. Funny thing is I just threw my camera in my back pack with a 35mm lens and left. No fussing. Just grab and go. I am so pleased with the results.

Perfect evening light
Perfect evening light
My favorite shot of the night
My favorite shot of the night

I love this next sequence. I am only showing a few frames from this sequence, but he got a little sketched out in one of the corners.

Getting sketched out
Getting sketched out
Saved it....Not sure how he did that!
Saved it….Not sure how he did that!

I will also say that on the bigger wheel and lighter bike, he was flying. There is no doubt that he will be faster than me very soon. This kid has focus and determination and with some practice I won’t be able to keep him in sight. Hold on!

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