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For the second time in a month, my son’s second day of his soccer tournament (Unfortunately, his Sunday Championship game day) got cancelled due to weather. While that is terrible news for him, it was great news for me. I made coffee and quickly headed out in the dark, cold, windy and rainy morning.  As I write about the weather, it could easily be seen as bad weather for a ride. However, it was not. It was simply beautiful out. I don’t mind being cold. I don’t mind being wet. I don’t like cold AND wet. Thankfully, the temps were hovering around 60 degrees and I was dressed appropriately. It was simply perfect.  I rode pretty much the route of my last Fargo Adventure ride. I had the roads and paths to myself. I only saw a few cars in the almost 4 hours I was out. This ride had it all. Rain. Wind. Sun. more rain. More wind.

I spent most of the ride reflecting about being a father. Thinking of many of my friends that are fathers. Thinking about the old days where it was accepted that fathers were not really a fatherly figure. My have times changed. I am so blessed to be surrounded by many good fathers and good husbands. Having others to serve as mentors, roll models and examples has made me a better father.   Thank you to all my friends reading this that have helped me.

I also spent the day thinking about how things are going in my life. It’s been a crazy roller coaster for me the past two years. It’s been both a joy and a huge challenge. I miss my time in the country and I am also thankful that things worked out so that I could have exactly this on this Father’s Day. I feel like this was a chose path and gift today.

I hope all you fathers out there got to spend the day the way that was laid out for you. I hope you had a chance to find joy in the memories of the past year and had a little time to think about the coming months and year ahead.

And with that….let me play out my day in images. It was quite a day as you can see.    gnat_Fathersdayfargoride_IG8 gnat_Fathersdayfargoride_IG7 gnat_Fathersdayfargoride_IG6 gnat_Fathersdayfargoride_IG5 gnat_Fathersdayfargoride_IG4 gnat_Fathersdayfargoride_IG3 gnat_Fathersdayfargoride_IG2 gnat_Fathersdayfargoride_IG1

Then just like that, the sky’s cleared up. The arm warmers came off. The wind picked up and changed direction. My last 10 miles or so had a tailwind that made me feel like a tour champion! What a day.


One comment on “Father’s Day Fargo Ride

  1. Guitar Ted says:

    Glad that you had that nice ride and time to reflect. I remember some of those spots in your images today. Miss that ride!

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