Life with my Salsa Fargo

It all started innocently enough. I was working in the garage trying to arrange some parts for the two bicycles I am attempting to build for my twins when I stumbled upon this when I knocked the frameset over in my garage.

My Gen 1 Salsa Fargo - Circa 2009
My Gen 1 Salsa Fargo – Circa 2009

This bike above is the source of so many trips, friendships and stories. As I thought back over the years of riding this bike, as well as next generation Salsa Fargos, I couldn’t help but think that this specific bike really was a vehicle for change in my life. Really. So today I took my current Fargo out into the country to think about all the roads and trails I’ve ridden, the people I’ve met and traveled with as well as the wanderlust that I’ve experienced while our riding this bike. Without thinking too hard I have memories from Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, California, Japan, Montana and Oregon. It was the source of inspiration for 3 Fargo Adventure Rides (2 official and 1 unofficial). It gave me an idea that I am going to pull together a bunch of images and words and starting documenting all the trips here on the blog. Honestly, it will take a while to pull it all together and plan it out. I’m excited though and think there is a story here, heck maybe even a book. We’ll see.

So…Until I get it all together, here are a few shots from today on the latest generation of Salsa Fargo, my custom big blue!  Enjoy.

gnat_Fargo_June_4 gnat_Fargo_June_3 gnat_Fargo_June_2 gnat_Fargo_June_1

6 thoughts on “Life with my Salsa Fargo

  1. Hi Gnat,
    I so enjoyed the above post. I have a bike like that. In 2008 I got back in to cycling (after 20 years) at the urging of a friend and it has changed my life. The bike I bought is a 2008 Kona Dew Deluxe. Not top end but I liked that it has hydro brakes and I found the color really appealing. It has a heavy aluminum frame with a cheap square taper BB.
    I still have that bike, even though I now have 4 others and have bought-n-sold yet others. I will never let go of that Kona. It is for the reasons you mention above. The memories and experiences I had on that bike. The people I have met while touring on it. The cool little restaurants I have stopped at, the red wine shared with a couple from France at a camp site. For me those aspects of experience that this vehicle helps to open to us are the most important reasons to be on a bike. I look forward to your future memories!

    1. Julie thanks and I am glad I am not alone in my experiences and my desire to hold on to this despite not “needing it!” Keep pedaling and keep making memories!!

  2. Hi,

    I wonder what your thoughts are on the Fargo on the road? Where I live it’s mixed terrain–one needs to ride pavement to get to gravel, connect gravel roads, and so forth. I don’t mind this at all, but simply wonder how the Fargo feels on the road–sluggish, Long Haul Truckerish? Or reasonably quick? This is all at some point opinion, but that’s what I am asking for. I have a Rivendell Hunqapillar now but find it a bit ponderous and really do want disc brakes.


    1. Christian thanks for the comment and sorry for the delayed response. While the new generation Fargos are quite agile and “faster” than the original, it is still really a Swiss Army knife capable of almost any terrain or surface.

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