Chasing Clouds

I just wrote a couple of days ago about the lesson of taking advantage of what you have rather than focus on what you don’t have. So when my son’s soccer tournament was cancelled due to rain and weather, I took the opportunity to go for a much needed, longer ride in the country. Ahhhh….A day in the country. Just what I needed. Inspired by my friends that rode the Dirty Kanza yesterday, I set my sights south of town and hit the country roads. As I zig zagged across the country, I found myself watching the sky more than usual. I certainly expected rain on my ride, but as a farm kid, I always look to the sky and try to predict when and where the rainfall will come from. It was a fun game of cat and mouse….One of which I often lost as I was soaked. Thankfully none of it was severe and I only took shelter in an old county park picnic shelter once.

All these pics are taken with my Fuji X20 pocket camera I wrote about here. I had put it away for months until I wrote that article and was reminded just how awesome it is. Hope you all got out too.


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