10 and Over

Well, on Saturday my twins turned 10! Hard to believe. They are growing up to be wonderful little people. It also marks the end of the fall sports season. We’ve got a few weeks of respite before heading back to swimming and soccer. So…In honor of this big occasion, here are just a few pics from the weekend. The first few are from a cold & wintery kind of day while the second series are from a really beautiful fall like day. Quite the contrast.

Nat played goalie. Glad she liked it because it made us nervous!
Game 3 throw in


As much joy as you can possibly have at a 40 degree and cold soccer tournament
A perfect centering kick.
One final fall cheer for the Ninja Ducks.

So proud of these kids and both of our teams. These teams will stick together for winter training and summer league. With the progress made this fall season, both should be very, very good next year.

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