No bike content today.  Just a proud dad, a series of images and an encouragement. Despite missing the framing in the first shot, I think this is a fun series that many folks can relate too. I love kids and their honesty of expression.

Yes…Breakaway…Shot on goal!
Oh that is close….Maybe it’ll go in?!

Yeah, I bet all of us have had something in our lives just like that. A great opportunity. A valid effort. A missed opportunity. Well….Stay the course because one just might go in!

He shoots. He scores. Finally!




One thought on “Yes….Maybe….NOOOO!

  1. Yes, wonderful!
    When my sons where little, I said that I WON’T be a soccermum…..
    And then I became a….. soccermum…..
    And that was some truly wonderful years indeed!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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