My Rural Urban Commute

Yesterday was a dirt to work day for me. What’s dirt to work? It’s a mostly off road ride to work through the Minnesota River Valley. I like to ride end to end, roughly 17 miles each way plus pavement to the trail and from the trail to work. Many long time blog readers have likely seen countless pictures here of the MN River Valley and from the MN River Valley. I ride it all year and I consider it a gem considering that I live in a fairly large metro area of Minneapolis & Saint Paul.

I set off on yesterday’s ride with the intent of showing my ride a bit differently than I have in the past. I didn’t exactly know what that meant and then it came to me. My personal 2012 film project has given me new blogs to follow as well as followers. One of those blogs I have recently found due to a comment left here is Shimmering Grains. This is a film dedicated blog that I find truly inspiring and educational. The webblog also makes me want both a Hasselblad 503 and a Lomo LCA wide in a bad way. Not long ago, I was inspired by one of her Weekly photo challenges titled MERGE. In all my years of photography, I’ve never done a double exposure. I plan to mess around a bit with it with film one day, but why not start now with digital?

My challenge for myself was to show both the rural being out there feeling of my commute to work as well as showing being in an urban environment. I think I did OK with my first trial of multi exposure. Here is my commute to and from work yesterday in one shot. Let me know what you think?

My Rural Urban Commute

3 thoughts on “My Rural Urban Commute

  1. Thank you very very much, I feel really honored by your kind words! 🙂
    And I absolutely love your first try, it is beautiful and thrilling, and leave a lot to my imagination!
    Thanks a lot for the pingback!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. wanted to let you know that our first thursday “coffee ride” starts from the shop tomorrow morn @ 5:45. riding gravel to the lake and making coffee on an ultra lite stove, then gravel back. thanks for the inspiration, and i think we’re gonna have 4 of us the first time around!

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