Change is upon us

Sometimes you plan for change. Sometimes it sneaks up on you. Right now in my life I have a little of both. Fall is around the corner and the setting sun is going down earlier each night.  I’ve been waiting for this change of seasons as fall is my favorite season.  My kids are back in school and that means change for our daily routine. I’ve been planning for both of those in my head. For me, the change I wasn’t ready for is my current loss of words for writing.  Right now I am struggling for meaningful words. I’ve got loads of images I want to share, so I just might have some posts in the coming days that don’t have many words. It’s the introverted side of me. I need some time to myself. So much so that I stayed up way too late last night messing around and processing thoughts and images.
I can say that my loss of words typically goes hand in hand with an outburst of creativity, motion and action . In fact, I might know what is really going on. My wife and I have been talking about some things on the horizon and starting our own little business for her to manage. We’ll see. I’m excited.

I chose the images above because it represents both the introverted side of me and setting our sights on the horizon. It has both certainty and uncertainty. Change is upon us. Let’s see where this road goes?!

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