Our Final Day of Summer Break

Today’s a big day. Our twins go back to school today. Hard to believe they are in the 4th grade already. They are amazing kids and I thank God everyday for them.  They bless our lives more than my wife and I can put into words.  So how did we spend our final days of summer break? We spent our final weekend of the summer living life to the fullest. I could go on and on about the farmer’s market, the sleep over, the bike ride, the barbeque, the canoe trip, swimming, etc.  Yes, it was a truly full and awesome weekend here in MN.

I could share a 100 pictures of the things we did on summer vacation, but as my kids head off to school today I will think of the following images.  To me, they represent living life. Doing something new. Finding a new or unique perspective. Sharing. Learning. Seeing. Feeling.

A day on the St.Croix
Lunch break on the St. Croix
X marks the spot


The cliffs
Our final push

I am so glad we ended our summer break this way. One day, I hope our kids remember days like yesterday and how much fun we had. I know my wife and I will.

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