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Alaska Dreaming

So…About a year ago I was in Alaska on a fatbike beach tour as part of Reveal the Path bicycle film. This past week down in Dekalb, IL I saw the movie again. The Alaska segment of the film made me smile and really got me thinking and remembering my time up in Alaska. Someone asked me after the film what my favorite part of it Alaska was? I said “All of it!” There was not one single part that wasn’t truly incredible.

Last night I looked back over my images and was simply blown away by the beauty and vastness of Alaska. I grabbed just a few pics to share with you. These were all taken at either sunrise or sunset.

Sunrise – Redoubt volcano

Sunset over Iliamna volcano

Sunrise – on the shore – Kenai, Peninsula

These images really make me want to go back to Alaska. I feel like the time there was well spent, but it was too scheduled. I’d like to take a bit more time to really continue on and explore. It has me thinking and dreaming for the future. I doubt I’ll be back for a few years, but I can dream. Alaska. Dream big.

One comment on “Alaska Dreaming

  1. My trip to Alaska by kayak is still as vivid in my brain as if it were yesterday. Alaska has a way of doing that to you. Keep dreaming, it will come soon enough.

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