Scenes from Minnesota’s North Shore

Yesterday was my favorite post of the year and it seemed to have struck a chord with many. I received a quite a few emails & comments as well as a few reposts on Facebook. Thank you all of you. Today I want to share a few less personal images and focus on the beauty of Minnesota’s North Shore, Arrowhead and BWCA. There is something special about the northern part of MN. I spent a lot of time up there when I was younger and each year I try to go back at least once. I love the feel of everything up there. It has it all and for me personally, worth every effort to get up there.  I hope you like these images. I also hope that one day many of you can get up there to experience it for yourself. Enjoy.

Big sky and big water – Lake Superior
Our first sunset from our canoe landing – East Bearskin Lake
Fresh raspberries – Our campsite
A mad dash for the fishing hole in golden hour light – East Bearskin
A time to reflect – East Bearskin
Golden Light & Landscape – East Bearskin Lake
Sunset Paddle – East Bearskin Lake
Rushing water – Our lunch stop – BWCA – East Bearskin Lake

And this last one is just one of my favorites. I only shot at night once on the trip as my mind and body just felt like sleeping. I got out to shoot just as the moon peeked over the horizon. It wasn’t long before the moon was hidden by the clouds and leaving behind a dark night for sleeping.

Night from our canoe landing – East Bearskin Lake

I could post picture after picture of the north shore, arrowhead region and the BWCA and all of them would be beautiful. It is just that kind of place and I’m thankful to get to experience it first hand every now and then.

So…That’s it for the non bike related content. Tomorrow I’m back to two wheels with some good stuff.

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