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At some point in each and every one of our lives, we probably get a slap in the face or wake up call that really makes us remember why we are here. Sometimes it is something tragic that shatters your world. Other times it is something so joyous that we are overcome with happiness. It’s those moments that we all remember and learn from.  Last week up north with my family was one of those things that brought me such joy and happiness that I want to permanently engrave the memories into my mind.

Today I’d like to share a bit more personally with you. I’d like share with you a few intimate moments of last week in northern Minnesota with my family that really stand out vividly in my mind. These moments make me smile every time I think of them or glance at the images. They are the moments I’m certain I will remember when I am much older and look back at my life’s accomplishments and joyous moments.

This last one I am about to share is my favorite. My wife snapped this pic on the last morning of our trip. We had to paddle back to the lodge/outfitter to return our canoe. We stopped at our favorite spot for some quiet time, reading and reflection. I took the opportunity to hold my kids as they read their books. I hope I never forget the feeling of their little bodies on each side of me. It is that moment and that feeling that I cherish the most.

No matter what it is in your own life, I encourage you to savor every single moment you get. Life is just too short and if you don’t take some time to burn those meaningful moments into your brain, they might just slip by without notice. I know that happens all too often in my life. Thankfully, last week jolted me into a better place.

4 comments on “Savor Every Moment

  1. Guitar Ted says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Gnat says:

      Thanks Mark.

  2. Bob says:

    Good stuff, Jason. It doesn’t get any better than this in life IMO.

    1. Gnat says:

      Bob, thank you. I so agree with what you say about it doesn’t get any better than this in life.

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