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2012 Film Project – Circulus

OK…So I said I wouldn’t have another film post until next week. Well, I lied. I couldn’t sleep so I worked on a few things and got fired up about the images I’m going to share here today. I again shot these with my Bessa R4A with Voigtlander 21mm lens. I shot them on my now old stand by Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 800. I really like this combo.

What is Circulus you ask? Well, it is a mini velodrome. I believe Portland Design Works actually built it, but they gave it to All City Cycles. All City is another bike brand owned by the company I work for. Last week when we were in Utah, All City set up Circulus for the event. It was pretty darn sweet watching. I went up with one of the video guys on a lift and shot from above. Really loved the shots. I shot 36 images and only a few of them didn’t turn out. I originally thought the 21mm would be wide enough, but honestly I needed the 15mm, or maybe even wider. Regardless, I got a few images I really liked.

And finally my favorite of the evening. I just love how the bike rider is both blurred and perpendicular to the spectators. Plays tricks on the mind. At least my mind. OK, maybe I stayed up too late last night.

Pretty sweet night of riding and shooting. Well done All City!

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    • Doug thanks for the comment. I knew I didn’t know the whole story so thanks for the tip. It sure was put to good use and wow is it fun!

      Thanks again.

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