2012 Film Project – Circulus

OK…So I said I wouldn’t have another film post until next week. Well, I lied. I couldn’t sleep so I worked on a few things and got fired up about the images I’m going to share here today. I again shot these with my Bessa R4A with Voigtlander 21mm lens. I shot them on my now old stand by Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 800. I really like this combo.

What is Circulus you ask? Well, it is a mini velodrome. I believe Portland Design Works actually built it, but they gave it to All City Cycles. All City is another bike brand owned by the company I work for. Last week when we were in Utah, All City set up Circulus for the event. It was pretty darn sweet watching. I went up with one of the video guys on a lift and shot from above. Really loved the shots. I shot 36 images and only a few of them didn’t turn out. I originally thought the 21mm would be wide enough, but honestly I needed the 15mm, or maybe even wider. Regardless, I got a few images I really liked.

And finally my favorite of the evening. I just love how the bike rider is both blurred and perpendicular to the spectators. Plays tricks on the mind. At least my mind. OK, maybe I stayed up too late last night.

Pretty sweet night of riding and shooting. Well done All City!

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  1. PDW was actually the second home for Circulus. It was designed and built by Sam Starr as an art installation at Pomona College (https://vimeo.com/12844053). Good to see it’s still getting used!


    1. Doug thanks for the comment. I knew I didn’t know the whole story so thanks for the tip. It sure was put to good use and wow is it fun!

      Thanks again.


  2. Gnat,

    Stoked! Interested to see what you come up with. Great shots.



    1. Thanks DPOW!


  3. hey Gnat, What happened to the coffee ride ? I have tomorrow morning free and was really hoping to see a post for a ride. Maybe next time. Later DR


    1. Dunn Bros Farmington

      6:00 coffee
      6:30 roll out

      Casual ride. Love to have you join us!


  4. […] One more link for July. I shot something pretty cool with Tri-X 400 pushed to 800. It’s called Circulus. Check it out here. […]


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