Morning Gravel

Last Friday I wrote about The Important Stuff. My family is number one. You know what number two is? Me. Well…I haven’t been taking good enough care of myself and I am on a mission to fix that. In fact, I have set some personal goals.

One of those is to ride a bit more consistently. Notice I didn’t say ride more. Consistency is the key for me. When I do get out, I often go out long and over due it. Sort of the binge & purge mentality. That is  not good for my body nor my mind. Sure I love being out there as long as I can, but if I could even out some of my riding hours, I think I’d be much happier.

I am making some changes starting this week so that I can make this happen. I’m not going to go into all the details, but I have set a personal goal for the month of April. With that, I will share that I got out for an amazing morning ride on Sunday to kick this short term goal into gear.

Morning gravel on my Salsa Vaya Ti = Sweetness!

I did one of my favorite routes heading south on gravel to Northfield, MN.  I rode my Vaya Ti as my new Fargo isn’t quite ready for duty yet. There is one spot on this route that I’ve always wanted to stop and take a picture. Today was the day. It was cold at about 45 degrees and very wet & foggy. Just right for the mood I’ve always wanted riding past this spot.

Out in the pasture

Not all was perfect though as the horse was looking straight at me and I wanted him turned or grazing. I waited for a few moments until a dog started barking at me.  That was my sign to put the camera away and get pedaling. I never took the camera out again. 60 miles later I returned home to my awesome family. That’s just what I needed and how I need to take care of myself.

As a result, I’m heading into Monday in the best mood I’ve been in for weeks. Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Morning Gravel

  1. I did 49 miles yesterday with 3600 feet of climbing. I’m tired! Next weekend I’m shooting for 60 or so. I have a 100 mile ride event at the end of April I’m trying to get ready for. Good luck to you and me getting more consistency!

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